A Union Member Workers' Compensation Lawyer in Manassas & Fairfax, VA

A Union Member Workers' Compensation Lawyer in Manassas & Fairfax, VA

Craig A. Brown - supporting the Rights of Virginia's Union Workers for nearly 30 years

If you Are a UNION MEMBER IN VIRGINIA, YOU KNOW THE STRUGGLE to secure workplace rights can be an uphill battle.  When you are injured at work, the struggle to secure workers’ compensation benefits can be equally challenging.  Craig Brown has been fighting for union members in the workers’ compensation arena since 1990 and he is ready to fight for you.

Unions have worked hard to provide their members with better pay, safer working conditions, retirement benefits, and fair workers’ compensation laws.  While there are many advantages to being a union member, those advantages do not carry over into workers’ compensation courtrooms.  You need a seasoned veteran of these courtrooms to guide you through the process.      

 The Law Office of Craig A. Brown diligently represents Virginia workers’ compensation claimants who are union members and continues to support unions both in and beyond the courtroom.  Whether you work in the service industry or the building trades, drive a truck or teach our children, police the streets or put out fires, Craig Brown knows the ins and outs of your job and the unique challenges they create in the workers’ compensation field.  In fact, when he’s not trying cases in court, he can often be found speaking to union groups on the topic of worker’s compensation law.  Call him today.  The consultation is free and the advice is backed up by 30 years of experience. 

 Have you ever asked yourself, “Where do I turn for help since my Union doesn’t handle Workers’ Compensation representation?”

 Employers facing valid workers’ compensation claims cost their insurance carriers money.  Insurance company payouts can lead to higher insurance premiums for the employers.  As you can see, these parties have a mutual interest in rejecting or stopping valid claims.  Employers are not required to help injured workers with their claims and some go out of their way to hinder them.  They may provide misleading information about workers’ compensation to trick injured workers into not filing their claims or to otherwise takes steps that are inconsistent with their rights and responsibilities under the law.  As if that’s not bad enough, even when you correctly file your claim, insurance adjusters are highly trained at the art of rejecting or diminishing the claims of injured workers.  They also don’t really care how disruptive their actions can be to your life; their job is to help their employers make profits.  The less an insurance company pays, the greater the profits.

Don’t let the system serve the other side’s interests (profits) more than yours (medical treatment, income replacement, etc.).  If you are experiencing difficulty with your work injury claim, contact our workers’ compensation lawyer at The Law Office of Craig A. Brown, PLLC immediately to learn what you can do to secure your rights and benefits.

Union Members’ have Rights to Workers’ Compensation

 Injured workers can feel vulnerable and scared when thrown out of work by an accident on the job.  They often lack information or are otherwise discouraged from contacting workers’ comp lawyers or filing claims. This fear and worry is the biggest obstacle that prevents injured workers from filing claims.  This is no different for union members, especially when we consider the old adage, “Unions only exist where they’re necessary.”

Through various methods, unions work to protect employees from employer retribution, and let workers know that retaliation is intolerable in the workplace. Studies have shown that union members are 60% more likely to file claims than non-union members.  Once they do so, however, they shouldn’t “go it alone.”  After all, the workers’ compensation industry has an army of lawyers assisting it.  You should have one assisting you. 

If You Have Sustained a Workplace Injury, call Craig Brown at 703-382-6869 and talk to a lawyer with experience handling Union members’ worker’s compensation claims.

 Any time you need advice or support in a union workers’ compensation claim, appeal or denial, Attorney Craig Brown is there to guide you through the process. If you are injured at work, you probably cannot afford to pay for your medical expenses and family bills while you recover from your injury. The workers’ comp system is there to provide injured employees and their families the medical treatment and financial support they need when they are unable to work. Union members are no less deserving of this financial support after workplace accidents.

The Law Office of Craig A. Brown can provide you with a Virginia personal injury lawyer widely recognized for his union work and legal ability, and his clients highly recommend him. For free legal advice from a workers’ compensation lawyer, contact us today to schedule a free consultation at 703-382-6869.