BJ Brown - Chief Operations Officer

BJ Brown - Chief Operations Officer

The role of Chief Operations Officer is instrumental to the success of any company. In the legal realm, COO's are partners in successful planning of not only business operations, but coordinating the intricacies of court timelines, filings, documentation and preparedness of both lawyers and clients.
BJ's background in trauma counseling, stress management and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a tool that is not found in other law firms, placing clients of Attorney Brown in an environment equipped to handle both the legal and emotionally stressful aspects of their cases.
By being able to address the emotional stressors faced in legal proceedings, clients and attorneys benefit from Mrs. Brown's expertise. Her understanding of the pressures of dealing with deadlines, challenging cases, demands from clients and attorneys helps support emotional well-being and clarity in the courtroom.

As COO, BJ is the mastermind behind the scenes, spotting areas for improvement and focus as well as recommending solutions before the market changes. Her strong business background and training in conflict resolution is a key asset to the firm. She works hand-in hand with Attorney Brown, discussing news and future plans for the practice. With a constantly adjusting professional climate, her combined skills offer impeccable foresight and exceptional business management, enabling her to guide the firm through changes positively and effectively.

BJ's business management skills are on full display in her role as the firm's Chief Operating Officer. She handles lease negotiations, website design, budget preparation, insurance acquisition, and other firm negotiations. In addition to representing the firm in communicating with clients, court personnel and opposing counsel, she is also responsible for organizing important documents, and filing legal pleadings. Her oral and written skills are invaluable in her interactions with clients, opposing counsel and courts. Additionally, she successfully performs as business manager keeping track of the financial books.

Conflict Resolution

Mrs. Brown has worked with individuals within various communities and municipalities, including: DOJ, FBI, CIA, and CDC. Furthermore, many of her clients are first responders, doctors, attorneys, psychiatrists, political figures, military, law enforcement, Capitol police and firefighters. Her business, management and people skills combine to make her the ideal resource to lead individuals and organizations to greater heights, both personally and professionally.

Mrs. Brown has worked with many clients addressing emotional, physical, and spiritual issues. She uses several stress/anxiety relief techniques including Neuroscience for the Treatment of Trauma, Anxiety, Depression and Stress. They are used globally to release the biological stress fueled by false self beliefs, pain and trauma. BJ equips individuals with the ability to heal from past pain and false beliefs, maintain inner calm and confidence as they gain the skills needed to step into their own personal excellence. In addition to holding her Masters from the Medical College of Virginia/Virginia Commonwealth University she has attended Georgetown University in the field of Health & Wellness. BJ applies two energy biology psychology modalities which result in very dramatic shifts in perception and support inner healing and positive behavioral responses to life. These techniques help to restore a sense of inner peace and an overall sense of wellbeing and safety that often times is lost when dealing with trauma, anxiety or challenging situations which arise in the court system. BJ Brown works within the corporate culture, implementing structures that champion personal excellence along with stress management systems that support productivity and Esprit de Corps.

About BJ Brown:

About BJ Brown:


Medical College of Virginia/Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Virginia, M.S., Business and Public Administration, Department of Kinesiology and Health Science Management, graduated Cum Laude.
Attended Georgetown University in Certified Health & Wellness Coaching.

Certifications & Awards:

National Medical Board Certified, Couples Coaching, Health & Wellness Coaching, Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills Training for Children and Adolescents: Rescuing the Dysregulated Child, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Neuroscience for the Treatment of Trauma, Anxiety, Depression and Stress, Certifica-tion in The Pharmacy in Your Kitchen: An Overview of Medical and Medicinal Foods, Art Therapy and Recreational Therapy.

Employment History:

Review, Research and Edit the Board's biennial report: Collection of Evidence-based Practices for Children and Adolescents with Mental Health Treatment Needs

Director/Supervisor for City of Alexandria Recreation, Parks and Cultural Activities, Enterprise/Marketing/Budgets

Public Information Specialist County of Henrico

YMCA Senior Director

Corporate Facility Director

Formerly worked for the Navy in La Maddalena, Italy, and Thurso, Scotland