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You Didn't Cause the Accident. You Shouldn't Have to Pay.

You never expected to get into an accident, and you certainly never expected to get injured the way you did. To find a personal injury lawyer, call Craig Brown Don't let your rising medical expenses and lost wages overwhelm you-contact The Law Office of Craig A. Brown instead. Our auto accident and personal injury lawyer will fight for the compensation you deserve.

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personal injury lawyer manassas va

Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer in Manassas or Fairfax, VA who gets results

If you are looking for a "personal injury lawyer near me for a free consultation", contact The Law Office of Craig A. Brown. He always ranks as a top lawyer in the area for personal injuries. Attorney Brown has resolved a variety of challenging cases throughout his career. He'll do everything he can to achieve a favorable outcome in your case, too. To find a reliable personal injury lawyer, call Craig A. Brown today.

First the guy crashes into me. Now his insurance company is lowballing me. What can I do?

Insurance companies exist to make profits. They are in business to take money in, not pay it out. They profit by raking in premium payments from their insureds while paying as little as possible to deserving accident victims. High premiums. Low payouts. A recipe for success.

You were injured by a careless driver and now his insurance company won't pay a fair settlement for your claim. Must you be a victim a second time? No. If the insurance company won't pay fair value voluntarily, a successful lawsuit against their negligent driver can make them pay it involuntarily. Not all auto accident victims can justify going to court. But those that can are entitled to have impartial judges or juries determine the amount of their damages award, not some insurance adjuster whose job it is to contribute to her employer's profit margin.

In Virginia, a plaintiff in a personal injury case has a choice: he can file suit in general district court or circuit court. General district court is ideal for those claimants whose realistic case value is under $50,000. That is the maximum amount you can recover in that court. However, proceedings in the general district court are much faster and far less expensive than those in circuit court. You will likely have a trial date within four or five months of the date you file suit. It is not uncommon to wait a year or more for your trial date in circuit court.

In general district court, you can effectively put on your case without incurring the significant expense of bringing your doctor to court to testify about your injuries and treatment. You also do not have to participate in the discovery process, which takes time and energy answering interrogatories, gathering documents together such as tax returns, and missing time from work to provide deposition testimony and attend medical exams with insurance company doctors.

Perhaps the most significant difference between general district court and circuit court proceedings is that there are no juries in general district court. However, depending on the case, there are advantages to having a judge decide the case. Because of their legal training, judges are less likely to bring to their analysis some of the bias and predispositions that jurors often carry with them.

If your case is clearly worth more than $50,000, then general district court is not an option for you. In the right case, however, general district court proceedings help level the playing field between the lonely accident victim and the rich and powerful insurance industry.

General District Court

Low cost
Fast result
No discovery
No jury
$50,000 limit on recovery

Circuit Court

High cost
longer wait
Significant discovery
Jury trial
No limit on recovery

Regardless of the court, Attorney Craig A. Brown has the experience and knowledge to help you with your personal injury case. Call today for a free consultation in Manassas, VA.

His practice highlights include:

  • Representing a deputy sheriff whose cruiser plunged off an unmarked cliff while in pursuit of suspected criminals. The road contractor building the road failed to post warning signs that the road ended abruptly at the cliff. The contractor's insurance company offered just $3,000 to settle the case. Mr. Brown tried the case before a jury and secured a verdict on behalf of the deputy in excess of $200,000.
  • In another case demonstrating Mr. Brown's negotiation skills, he obtained a $1 million settlement on behalf of a man who fell from his apartment's fifth-floor balcony. The man was intoxicated and stumbled into the balcony's privacy barrier fastened beneath the railing. The barrier came loose from the railing, causing the man to fall to the ground.
  • Obtained a $3 million settlement of injury claim against the federal government.

To get help with your personal injury case, contact The Law Office of Craig A. Brown today. You can schedule a consultation with a personal injury lawyer in Manassas, VA right away. If you need to Google a business for a Personal Injury Lawyer near me, The Law Office of Craig A. Brown is where you should be.