Don't Let a Truck Accident Wreck Your Finances

Don't Let a Truck Accident Wreck Your Finances

Put your trust in a personal injury lawyer in Manassas, VA

Truck accidents can be devastating-emotionally, physically and financially. If you were injured in a truck accident due to your job, the thought of filing for workers' compensation is probably overwhelming. Turn to a personal injury lawyer to get the representation you need. Residents in Manassas, VA choose The Law Office of Craig A. Brown, PLLC to fight for them.

Your lawyer will review medical documentation and other evidence to build a solid case for compensation. You'll receive personalized attention during every step of the legal process. Call 703-382-6869 now to schedule a consultation with a personal injury lawyer.

Don't let misconceptions keep you from filing a personal injury claim

If your job duties led to your truck accident, you deserve compensation for your suffering. However, harmful misconceptions about workers' compensation might be holding you back out of fear or confusion. Here are common myths about workers' compensation and the truth:

  • You could be fired if you file for workers' compensation. It is illegal for employers to fire employees for filing a workers' compensation claim.
  • You can file for workers' compensation at any time. There is a statute of limitations on your employer's liability, and waiting could weaken your case.
  • Your legal fees will cancel out any financial gain. Your lawyer will only retain a portion of your compensation if your claim is approved.

The Law Office of Craig A. Brown has extensive experience helping clients in Manassas, VA who have suffered from truck accidents file for workers' compensation. Contact us today to start working on your case.